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Here at
Dry Valley

     We desire to share with you and your entire family the life-changing message of the Gospel. We desire to help lead you into a deeper, more meaningful relationship with Jesus. We hope that when you arrive, you feel welcomed and wanted as we study the Bible together.

Worshipping at Dry Valley

     Each week, our worship services are prayed over as we seek the Lord on best way to lead each person into a deeper experience during the worship hour. We sing a blended style of music, each song sung with the anointing of God, understanding that God is our audience of One.


Families at
Dry Valley

     We believe that strong Christian families are the key to a healthy local church. We strive to welcome and build families through our multi-age ministries, and the practical verse-by-verse preaching of God's Word. 

Preaching at Dry Valley

     We believe that everything in the worship hour is geared to bringing us to one thing, the preaching of God's Word, the Bible. We believe that God uses strong, passionate preaching to evangelize the lost and to encourage His people. Dry Valley is blessed to have a trusted voice in the gospel, Dr. J. Lee Hickman, as our Senior Pastor who brings God's Word to us each week. 


Responding to preaching at
Dry Valley

     At the close of every message given from the Dry Valley pulpit, there is a time for everyone to respond to the message that has been delivered. A time of prayer takes place as many make decisions at the altar and respond appropriately. We believe it is always important to respond when God speaks to you through the worship service and preaching. 

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