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The history of DVBC

In the early part of 1939, the people of the valley began to pray for a church, and God saw fit to answer that prayer. On the 7th day of December 1940, an acre of land was given to the church on which the church building now stands. On July 4, 1941, the church met and officially organized a Baptist Church in the name of Jesus Christ. Then, on July 27, 1941, the people of Dry Valley Baptist Church called Homer Tate to be their first pastor. 


During the last days of July 1941, the church began building its first official sanctuary. The church raised $354.81 in cash, and all the lumber, nails, doors, locks, and hinges were donated at an estimated value of $176.50. On September 7, 1941, the church officially moved into the new sanctuary with 108 people on the Sunday school roll. On September 28, 1941, the church ordained its first two deacons. 


Through the years, our church has seen the hand of God on it as we have tried to lift Him high. Our Church is what it is today because of the dedication and prayers of the many Pastors, leaders, and members, who have so faithfully served our Lord Jesus Christ from the church's beginning in 1941 to the present time. 


On June 20, 2021, we called our current pastor, Dr. J. Lee Hickman. His first official day with us was July 11, 2021.  Dr. Hickman came to us from East Tennessee and has been a trusted voice in the gospel for over twenty years. Our prayer is that we as a church will always be ministering to those around us and that many will come to a saving knowledge of the Savior we serve.

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